Hilltop Frog Testimonials

"Working with Griff at Hilltop Frog was such a wonderful change of pace from the typical studio experience that it significantly affected the way my record came to life. From the incredibly rich and natural sounds we were getting inside, to the gorgeous landscape and vibe outside, the whole experience felt more like a retreat than a recording session. The beauty of the whole place can't help but find its way into the music, and my project ended up far better for it."

—Bryan Beller


"Hilltop Frog is an extraordinary place to record!! The tone of the room is unlike any place else—and nothing short of amazing!! The vibe is extremely creative, comfortable and musical—an all around great place to make great music!!!"

—Erich Gobel


"A beautiful inviting space that is nestled in between trees on top of a hill, open and serene with great nature views all around, great sounding rooms, and a setting that is highly conducive to creativity."

—Rick Musalam


"Just wanted to thank you for the amazing recording session at your new studio. You gave our band an amazing "live" sound that we haven't been able to achieve in any other venue. And, what a great hang-out!… Such a relaxed atmosphere, nobody wanted to leave! It seemed to bring out creativity in the band members that I haven't heard in a long time. The resulting tracks we cut will be keepsakes for all of us."

—Larry Cornwell


"Recording studios and producers are ubiquitous in Southern California. What sets Hilltop Frog apart are the intangible magic moments, the unique vision that Griff brought to my songs, and the amazing setting that allowed me to feel completely creative. Because Griff has a successful background as a performing guitarist, I was able to relate to him both musically, technically, and as a trusted friend. He shared in my enthusiasm and passion for the project as an integral member of the band, not just as a hired third party. I would highly recommend Hilltop Frog Studios for any project!"

—Jackie Daum

picture of japanese lantern casting warm glow in Hilltop Frog Studio's Red Room
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